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Dr. Harold C. Lyon is a graduate of West Point, a former Ranger-paratrooper officer, U.S. Director of Education for the Gifted, project officer for the development of Sesame Street, assistant to the president of Ohio University, faculties of Georgetown, Antioch, Dartmouth Medical School, Notre Dame College, Universities of Massachusetts and Munich where he currently teaches physicians to be more effective teachers. He received the Gold Medal in the 32nd International Film & TV Festival of New York, a CINDY Award, and the Blue Ribbon in the American Film & Video Festival. He's the author of 7 books, over 150 articles on military leadership and strategy, education, fishing and hunting, and numerous muiti-media productions. His book, Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit, won the New England Outdoor Writers Association "Best Book of the Year Award" in 2008